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HELLO! I'M SO NEW TO THE CS GOODNESS. Your blog is making me happy. Just three tiny requests... Can you link me to the picture of Colin completing the heart with his hook? And also, to gifs of Hook and Emma after she rescued herself? And lastly, gifs of when Regina talks about the lovestruck eye gazing? If you have too much of a life to track these down, I understand... My searches have been unsuccessful. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING.

these are super specific lolll

Here’s the first on twitter: https://twitter.com/colinodonoghue1/status/382951352864743424/photo/1

what i think you’re referring to for the second: http://captainhookfeelssupportgroup.tumblr.com/post/85501272187

the third is the only one i can’t track down.. sorry! but thanks so much for the kind words <33

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get to know: Colin O’Donoghue (insp)

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…and they lived happily ever after.

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[New Season Four Poster]


[New Season Four Poster]

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I swear I am not obsessed with Peter Pan in OUAT.
Well, maybe a little bit X3
Today’s Robbie Kay’s birthday so let’s celebrate it by posting here some fanarts!!

Because everybody knows that “Peter Pan never fails”!!

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these assholes ruined my life so here have some sketches

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Jennifer Morrison in ALEXA’s September Issue

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Hooooly shit I just found your blog and I am so in love

oohh yeeeaaahhh

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#never over the ayebrow and the little smile when jen leans over for a hug #or actual puppy colin leaning in for some snuggling #or actual 5-year-old colin pouting (✿◠‿◠) [x]

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